Bulk SMS

Send Messages Simply anywhere in India & Worldwide with best in class Airito web tool.

We provide fast, personalized, scalable and reliable SMS solution. Which has multiple Services in one robust web interface i.e. India Transaction (Template Based & Opt-in Opt-out) and India Promotion Route, International SMS. Our Web based panel is very user friendly, simple & easy to use. You can even integrate our simple API into your software or system.

We cover 190+ countries and their operators with 800+ networks and 300+ direct connections reaching to 5.7 bn mobile devices worldwide

If you are new or already using such services, Airito is the best option to start with and experience the difference.

We have a wide variety of product to fulfill all the requirement of our customers. From Web Development to Web Hosting and from Email Marketing to SMS Marketing. We become a one stop solution for the customer when it comes to all these digital media requirement. We are best at creating customized solutions that suits your requirements.

Promotional SMS

In this service you can send promotional message like “Enjoy holidays in shimla, ladak for 4days and 3nights @ an attractive price of RS 19999 PP call now to know more”

Promote your business and services with our high priority promotional route. Messages will be delivered to only valid Non DND numbers from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Useful to promote products, advertise business and services, promote new app launch, to make people aware about new offers or discounts or sales and so on.


Delivery 0 - 10 minutes

Send SMS to Non DND Numbers

6 character random numeric sender ID

Delivery report

Easy to use Interface

API for software integration

Transaction SMS

Using this service you can send SMS alerts to your customers like “Welcome to Airito your OTP is 1122”.

In this service you can get your transactional nature SMS Templates approved, which contains partial fixed & partial variable part e.g. Welcome to Airito your OTP is (variable). Once approved, can send to DND & non-DND numbers of your clients with your own 6 character sender ID either by using our Web Interface or by integrating API into your system. You can get your transactional nature SMS Templates approved online as and when the need for new Template arise in a very simple, quick & easy way.

Useful for Software Development Firms, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Shops, Stores, Website owners, Medical Clinics, Schools, Colleges, Tuition Classes, Online shopping Cart, Cab services, Company's internal communications, Sending verification codes, OTP, E-commerce websites, Mobile number verification, Invoicing System, Payment alerts, Appointments notifications, Meeting reminders and so on.

Instant Delivery

Send SMS to DND & Non DND Numbers

Your own Sender ID (6 Alpha characters)

Delivery Report within seconds

Online Template Approval System as and when require

API for software integration.


50 SMSFree

  • 50 SMS
  • Web Interface

5,000 SMS₹ 1,250

  • 5,000 SMS
  • Web Interface

25,000 SMS ₹ 4,000

  • 25,000 SMS
  • Web Interface

50,000 SMS ₹ 7,500

  • 50,000 SMS
  • Web Interface

1 Lac SMS ₹ 12,500

  • 1,00,000 SMS
  • Web Interface

* Service Tax Applicable

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